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Quandt Consulting


Strategic Planning

Quandt Consulting can advise on the strategic direction of the Company. We do this through an evaluation of current business units and their potential to add to or detract from shareholder value. We then explore potential growth opportunities within the strategic vision of the Company.

New Business Development

Quandt Consulting is experienced in evaluating new business proposals including :
  • Acquisitions
  • Joint Ventures
  • Licensing
  • Organic start-ups
We will help prioritize the most promising opportunities.

Business Operations

Quandt Consulting can evaluate and develop strategies and action plans needed to improve the profitability of a Company or a particular business unit. We can help turnaround a financially distressed business and have experience in both U.S. and International markets.

Project Management

Quandt Consulting can add value to the Company by managing a project start to finish. Our expertise includes:
  • Project Definition
  • Identifying Requirements
  • Building Teams
  • Timeline Execution
  • Risk Identification and Management

Software Product Management

Quandt Consulting can help clients bring a software product to market by helping them to identify the opportunity and target it effectively. We are experienced in the full product life-cycle, from determining strategy and concept, to the development effort, market entry and maintenance.

Wealth Management

Quandt Consulting can provide advisory services regarding asset allocation or evaluation of specific investment opportunities. We have developed numerous proprietary financial models which we use as part of our analysis. When considering the purchase of a business or business segment, Quandt Consulting will help Companies determine the value and evaluate investment return.